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Homeschooling can be affordable.

Any homeschooler, but especially a newer homeschooler, can easily become overwhelmed by the many, many curriculum options. Let alone the cost of those options. While you may come to learn that your student might benefit from a particular resource, by no means do you have to purchase everything. Homeschooling is entirely unique; some spend aContinue reading “Homeschooling can be affordable.”


Hi, I’m Solitaire. A homeschool mom since 2004, and now also an Assistant Children’s Librarian and Homeschool Outreach Coordinator at my local library. As well as a volunteer Homeschool Advocate here in the state of Rhode Island. Throughout our sixteen years of homeschooling, I’ve hauled away actual laundry hampers of books from our local libraryContinue reading “Hi!”

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